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and is available to ANYONE impacted by the loss of a child by abortion regardless of age, race, income or circumstance.  SHE'S RESTORED changes lives forever.  It provides a sense of personal peace which heals internal brokenness, repairs relationships and brings back intimate friendships.  Recovery offers a new beginning to life following an abortion. 

What is Post-Abortion Trauma?

It's the emotional impact that is sometimes experienced by both men and women after an abortion.  Symptoms are similar to those in any post-traumatic stress disorder.  These symptoms may appear immediately, as in within hours, days, weeks or months - or may not surface for many years following an abortion procedure.  Symptoms may include anxiety, depression, numbness, guilt, difficulty in relationships and in extreme cases even suicidal thoughts or tendencies.  The coordinator of this ministry has personal experience with abortion.  Recovery impacted her own life by restoring her relationships with God, herself, her husband and her children.  If this is your story, there have been many more before you that have felt the way you have and SHE'S RESTORED can help you.


Recovery is possible.  The journey is not easy but it is worth it.  There are others who share this past who are willing to walk the road to recovery with you.  You are not alone.  A confidential group meets on a regular basis.  Contact Pathways to find out more information.

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What is She's Restored?

SHE'S RESTORED is an after abortion recovery group

that helps women overcome the emotional, psychological and spiritual complications that are often experienced after an abortion.  Recovery is free, always confidential

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