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Pathways Pregnancy Clinic is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Pathways (formerly Community Pregnancy Clinic) is a pregnancy and family resource center that empowers women and men to make life affirming choices.

As 2014 closed, we continued to watch God work.  We have a weekly Baby and Me class for clients.  It is priceless to see girls being directed to the Lord and encouraging one another.  We also have four young women who are diligently coming in and watching videos to prepare themselves for childbirth and parenting.  And due to wonderful donations were able to provide our clients with toys to take from under our tree and wrap and give to their children for Christmas. 


We are seeing babies saved but not content with just that.  We want to see mommies with a passion to raise these precious gifts.  So we entered 2015 setting our sights even higher.


This is a time of planning for our director and administrative assistant.  Kerry is busy working on the Ladies Day Out in March as well as preparing for the Fall Banquet.  Jessa (working with Cliff) is busy shaping up the Run For Life. 


We've continued to reach out to bring this ministry to Stevenson.  Kerry met with a sewing group but did not receive support.  So, Kerry and her husband, Brett, ventured out to discover the interest that the churches held.  A deacon at the Catholic Church stated that he felt a great need for this ministry in Stevenson.  As a result of sharing our vision with him and another man, we received a phone call the following Monday that they would begin to investigate a building we could use.  This other man shared his heart which came from the first-hand experience of witnessing the devastating effects of abortion:  he drove a family member to an abortion clinic, and her life has never been the same.


Kerry will return to Stevenson the last week in February to meet with some Christian women who are interested in volunteering.  She also has an appointment for March with a Ministerial group.  Please pray with us over this new opportunity.

December 2014

51 clients served including: 

  6 pregnancy tests

  7 ultrasounds

  6 childbirth classes

34 Earn While You Learn 


Run (or walk) for Life

Ladies Day Out

Lifepoint Church

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January 2015

  2 babies saved by ultrasounds

61 clients served including: 

17 pregnancy tests

  6 ultrasounds

  7 individual classes

31 Earn While You Learn 


And our first She's Restored class

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