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flap of a butterfly wing, they have a significant effect on this ministry.  My prayer is how to get that message to these people.

Debbie Connors is one that has had an amazing effect on Pathways,  But due to current family needs and schedules, she has had to resign from the Baby and Me (BAM) group.  I don’t believe her days are over for this ministry in that she has such a heart and influence on young women and moms of this community.  Although I was greatly saddened by this news, I knew it was coming and God will use this time to raise up another. 

Our Stevenson BAM group has been going now for six months and while we have been expending a fair amount of effort in advertising and going to churches to spark interest in this ministry, it has only yielded one mentoring relationship.  Pam, who has been faithfully going to Stevenson every Friday and has a heart for this ministry really desires to be used to work with our Moms.  We are prayerfully considering disbanding the Stevenson group and having Pam lead in Camas.  Your prayers for this decision would be appreciated.

Summer is always a challenge with volunteer help because people take extended vacations and there are not always people to fill the slots. But God is good!  I had one week that I had exhausted my resource list. I was not real sure what was going to happen. I got a phone call that Monday morning from a woman who had just moved here from Texas and had been a volunteer at a PRC in Texas for over a year and wanted to continue in that ministry. I met with her that next morning.  During that interview I got a call from a local Physician who had a couple in his office that were contemplating an abortion and he had heard good things about our clinic and wanted to send them straight over to see us.  Tracy agreed to stay and we prayed and we waited as I did her background check! Unfortunately, the couple did not show up but what an encouragement that this doctor took the time and thought enough about us to send this patient to us. 

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In 1963, a man named Edward Lorenz came up with the "Butterfly Effect" theory.  Lorenz theorized about a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks earlier.  It is amazing that something as small and insignificant as a butterfly wing could cause such a powerful outcome as a hurricane.  Although this man was ridiculed for his theory, later it brought evidence to what God can do with so little.  There are so many people that contribute to making Pathways a big deal in our community.  Most of these people have no idea that, although they are just a

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